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Where would you like your relationship to be in 3 months? 12 months? If you were to have a discussion with Sindy in 3 months from today, and you were looking back over the past year, what would have had to happen in your life both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress? * *


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What are your feelings towards Vedic Astrology?

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How dedicated are you to creating the life you truly wish to live?

If you are a right fit for this coaching program, and this coaching program is a right fit for you, how able or willing are you to invest in your personal development right now?* *

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I’ve completed the Discovery possibility application and would like to be considered to work with Sindy V. King one-on-one. I understand that this application is confidential, and I am only showing interest in the program and am under no obligation to make a payment at this time. If we do decide that I am the right fit for this one-on-one coaching program, I am ready to make a minimum investment of $7,997.
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